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    Writing spaces at Oklahoma State University
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2023-01-15) Daniel, Joshua; Essmiller, Kathy; DiFrusio, Mark; Tinsley, Natasha; Meints, Josiah; O'Neil, Courtney Lund; Howard, Dane; Recchia, Roseanna
    This resource focuses on the various processes involved in researching answers to various inquiry questions and building effective arguments within and outside academic contexts. The curriculum takes students through the processes of listening/summarizing, asking questions, characterizing scholarly debates, and entering those debates in order to meaningfully contribute to ongoing conversations.
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    Story of dinosaurs
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2023-05-01) Burkett, Ashley
    This resource will explore the validity of arguments and/or conclusions in dinosaur research through evaluating the scientific evidence. Students using this resource will read, experiment, and evaluate scientific literature surrounding dinosaurs. Students will have the opportunity to work with others to evaluate the plausibility of the dinosaur concepts and theories, and engage in hands-on experiments to add additional information to their interpretations. Students will learn to participate in evaluation mechanisms to assess critical thinking and science literacy.
  • Publication
    Intercultural communication
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2023-05-02) Weinland, Kathryn
  • Publication
    Scientific writing for publication: A transdisciplinary approach
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2023-05-01) Link, Stephanie
    This book presents a genre-based approach emphasizing strategies that derive from a field of research focusing on strengthening the language skills of multilingual English speakers.
  • Publication
    Introduction to speech communication
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2021-08-15) Hollingsworth, Sarah E.; Weinland, Kathryn; Hanrahan, Sasha; Walker, Mary; Elwood, Errisa; Linsenmeyer, Megan
    Introduction to Speech Communication is used to support teaching, learning and research for SPCH 2713 at Oklahoma State University (OSU). In addition to inclusion of original work authored by the editors to meet the needs of their course at OSU, the editors adapted portions of Exploring Public Speaking: 4th Edition, Stand Up, Speak Out, and Fundamentals of Public Speaking. Please see the Acknowledgements chapter for full citations. We at Oklahoma State University Libraries acknowledge our gratitude for the expertise and generosity of the scholars at Affordable Learning Georgia, College of the Canyons, the Open Education Network and elsewhere for creating and sharing customizable versions of their work.
  • Publication
    University academic writing for international students: A usage-based approach
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2020-01) Moder, Carol Lynn; Avalos-Rivera, Alys; Horton, Ho'omana Nathan; Kinfe, Miriam; Sims, Paul; French, Seth; Zhao, Yelin
    This resource is designed specifically to meet the academic writing needs of international students studying at universities in the United States. The materials in the book can be covered within a 14-week semester, but each chapter or section may also be used independently.Based on a series of needs analysis projects, this resource provides an overview of major rhetorical patterns of writing that are commonly used in university settings in the United States. These commonly required genres include descriptive and evaluative summaries, short essays, comparison and contrast assignments, literature reviews, descriptive reports, and proposals. The resource includes chapters that address the structure and purpose of these more common genres, including an awareness of the ways that the target audience and situation should shape the writing of each.
  • Publication
    Intro to social media
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2022-06) Lawson, Cheryl
  • Publication
    Who teaches writing?
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2022-01-10) Branson, Tyler; Brooks, Ron; Cadman, Dana; Cephus, Heidi; Childers, Sarah Beth; Devore, Beth; Essmiller, Kathy; Hernandez, Rafael; Hogg, Charlotte; Horton, Nathan Ho'omana; Link, Stephanie; Manivannan, Vyshali; Meints, Josiah; Mundy, Robert; Nav, Sara Nezami; Reiter, Holly; Sicari, Anna; Slesinger, Ryan; Tinsley, Natasha; Tunningley, Laura; Uhlin, Graig; Wright, Lisa
    Who Teaches Writing is an open teaching and learning resource being used in English Composition classes at Oklahoma State University. It was authored by contributors from Oklahoma State University and also includes invited chapters from other institutions both inside and outside of Oklahoma. Contributors include faculty from various departments, contingent faculty and staff, and graduate instructors. One purpose of the resource is to provide short, relatively jargon-free chapters geared toward undergraduate students taking First-Year Composition. Support for this project was provided in part by OpenOKState and Oklahoma State University Libraries.
  • Publication
    Foundations of educational technology
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2017) Thompson, Penny
  • Publication
    Technical and professional writing genres: A study in theory and practice
    (Oklahoma State University Libraries, 2019-01) Beilfuss, Michael J.; Bettes, Staci; Peterson, Katrina
    Building from strong open-source foundations, this modern guide to technical and professional writing explores workplace composition through both practical and theoretical lenses. Multidisciplinary backgrounds and decades of professional work experience-both in and outside of academia-have given the authors and editors of this text keen insight into the writing demands of professional, business environments. With an emphasis on understanding the basics of each writing genre-as well as the supplemental sections that may, for example, enhance a resume or a strengthen a proposal-this text aims to provide clear, informed, considerate, and contemporary explanations for those wanting to optimally construct and efficiently compose resumes, cover letters, memorandums, instructional guides, proposals, and analytical and oral reports.