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Proposed general shop program on the junior high school level in the Attucks Separate School, Ponca City, Oklahoma

Hunter, Zebedee
Statement of Problem: The scope of the problem is to formulate a desirable industrial arts program on a junior high school level in a general shop program in the Attucks Separate School in Ponca City that will help boys and girls find themselves.
Methods of Procedure: The results of this study are based primarily on material studied on industrial arts in junior high schools of Oklahoma in Industrial Arts Education 572. Further library study has included current literature, periodicals, and books pertaining to junior high schools, and to industrial arts in the general shop in particular. The writer has also visited several junior high schools over the state, and discussed general shops as to organization. This was done in order to make the study more complete.
Findings and Conclusions: Industrial arts in the junior high schools are changing constantly; only much slower at present than they have in the past, because it is a fact that most of the imperfections have been worked out. However, just as junior high schools began to operate smoothly, the school populations increased and the senior high schools introduced a general shop program which more or less disturbed the junior high school industrial arts program. This junior high school industrial arts course must be flexible and exploratory. After several conferences with the Attucks School principal and state department officials, it was decided that the following courses should be offered in grades seven, eight, and nine: (1) applied drawing, (2) woodworking, (3) elementary electricity, (4) leathercraft and shoe repair, and (5) home mechanics for girls.