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Evaluation of Catch Kids Club After School Program: a Nutrition and Physical Fitness Intervention for Thrid, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students

Rumph, Mary Katherine

The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of CATCH Kids Club after school which focused on improving nutrition knowledge, attitude, intent, self-efficacy, behavioral capability, and behavior, and also focused on improving physical fitness among third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Additionally, Oklahoma Core Curriculum standardized test scores were evaluated to see if students participating in regular physical activity performed better. Intervention (n = 160) and control (n = 163) school sites were part of the Lawton Public School System. Nutritional knowledge, attitude, intent, self-efficacy, behavioral capability, and behaviors were measured by a questionnaire administered to students. Physical fitness was measured by curl-up, flexed-arm hang, sit and reach, and PACER cardiovascular test using the Cooper Institute's Fitnessgram protocol. Data was collected by the Physical Education, and Wellness Coordinator for the Lawton Public School District and then submitted to Oklahoma State University for analysis. Chi-square goodness-of-fit, one-way ANOVA, and paired t-tests were utilized to evaluate student responses between control and intervention groups at pre and post, and evaluate intervention students' responses from pre to post. Findings of this study indicated students that participated in CATCH Kids Club had improved nutrition knowledge, intent, and behaviors from pre to post intervention. Also, intervention students demonstrated improved cardio endurance from pre to post intervention. Overall, CATCH Kids Club was effective in eliciting positive nutrition and physical activity changes among students.