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Determining the Feasibility of Utilizing Recycled Household Wastewater from Aerobic Treatment Systems for Cattle Watering

Oden, Laree Christine
Alternative sources of water for the purpose of non-human (direct) consumption are needed to mitigate the effects of drought and increasing water resource use and depletion within the United States. Emerging ideas that are already implemented in some regions for the reuse of wastewater include: watering of lawns and the irrigation of some crops. I present an idea that may help to conserve fresh, direct, human potable water through the reuse of wastewater from household aerobic sewage treatment systems. Through the process of these systems� treatment of the wastewater, the effluent (as per United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (Ok DEQ) Regulations) could be a potential source of water for watering cattle, or the irrigation of lawns and certain crops.