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History as an introduction to units in general science

Leonard, Frances Anne
Scope of Study: An integration of the sciences with all phases of life should begin with a student's introduction to science. This paper outlines historical backgrounds of several sciences which can be used as introduction to units of study. These units can help knit the whole sphere of scientific endeavor into a cooperative whole rather than each an entity of its own. There are several outlines of histories of science presented, and several units are given as a suggestion to teachers using this method for General Science classes.
Findings and Conclusions: The use of historical introductions to various units, if presented in an interesting and valuable way, rather than that of a traditional way, will broaden the scope of the student's thinking along the lines of scientific research. The student will realize that not everything had been done or discovered. His enthusiasm for exploration and discovery of the unknown will encourage him to start projects of his own, even while in junior or senior high school.