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Production Of-Monoclonal Antibodies to the HN Glycoprotein of the Osu-T Strain of Sendai Virus and Their Use in Preliminary Studies of Viral Penetration of Cells

Keyser, Georgann Collette
Hybridoma cells producing monoclonal antibodies to the HN glycoprotein of the OSU-T strain of Sendai virus were developed and used in preliminary antibody blocking assays. Though the actual procedures involved in hybridoma techniques are not difficult, finding precise procedures that would work in our laboratory took time and quite a bit of trial and error. Even when all the procedures are successful, the time from the first immunization of the mice to the time the antibodies are in hand takes at the minimum three to four months. In addition, liposome assays which indicated that Sendai virus perturbs membranes so that molecules as large as an antibody molecule can escape were done.