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Decimation Testing of High Density Seismic Data for the Wichita Mountain Front Area

Gerding, Eric Matthew
Several decimation tests were conducted on an originally high trace density survey. This was conducted to assess the capability of lowering collection costs by reducing the field effort. Each volume was subjected to a series of tests to show the amount of degradation of the data. In the area of processing, which included velocity analysis and residual statics, the decimation volumes performed very well. Empirical comparisons of seismic cross sections and time slices showed that the clarity of certain reflectors was considerably compromised in all decimated volumes. Though the use of volume difference calculations, the decimated receiver proved to be the most similar to the reference volume while the decimate shot and receiver showed the most contrast. Overall the decimated receiver seemed to come the closest to replicating the reference volume in every tests, but even signs of degradation were still evident.