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Advancement of Computational Fluid Dynamics Visualization for Finite Element Applications

Pinkerman, Cody Wayne
This thesis focuses on a current CFD visualization program: current capabilities and required upgrades. New features are added to the CFD visualization program to allow for continued operation. Drawbacks of the previous visualization program in OpenGL are also analyzed during this process, and a new visualization program is envisioned. The work on the new visualization system in VTK is shown in detail along with the vision of the final product, which includes later research in a remeshing system for geometry files used in CFD visualization. The additions of four new plot-able variables were added to the previous CFD visualization program: velocity magnitude, total energy, internal energy, and vorticity. Along with these new variables a minimum and maximum feature was incorporated which allows for the range of the color and data scale to be changed based on user input. Programming for new visualization program was started. This thesis focuses on the initial phases of the program: learning new tool kit architecture and programming methods; integrating new tool kit with current geometry and solution file types. A program was written that has the capabilities to plot an object's geometry and eight different property distributions. Multiple test cases were plotted by the new visualization program and the current program to compare and validate the new system. Recommendations were made for the continued progression on the new visualization program.