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Infant health checklist

Sanders, Bekah
This study was done to provide a dependable resource for parents to use in deciding which health care provider they should contact based on the symptoms their child is showing. Parents are constantly using internet resources to seek health advice for themselves and their children. Many times the resources they use are not reliable and may cause troubles in receiving appropriate treatment in a timely manner. Studies show parents are eager for physicians' guidance in seeking health advice. In light of this need, a Fact Sheet, to be reviewed and modified by the State Parenting Extension Specialists, has been created to provide a more reliable source of information for parents to use. Stillwater Pediatrics helped in creating the infographic to ensure sound medical advice was given. The infographic is a guide to parents in deciding what action to take in the times that a child is sick. If a parent has any questions or concerns in regards to their child's health, it is important that they contact the family pediatrician.