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Production Practices and Management Intensity of Oklahoma Cow-calf Producers Across Income and Herd Size

Vestal, Mallory Kay
The purpose of this study was to analyze management practices of two groups of Oklahoma cow-calf producers based on commercial herd size and income dependency from beef production. Logit models were estimated to determine the demographic characteristics which influence producer implementation of selected management practices. Numerous differences were found in all aspects of cow-calf production between the two study groups. Specific demographic variables which affect implementation of selected management practices include age, education, herd size, income dependency from beef production, and the importance of reducing labor. Extension educators and industry leaders can learn much by having extensive knowledge regarding their audience. In an educational program allowing participants to learn from the experiences of each other and to better understand the industry as a whole will not only add to the short term benefit, but will also enhance learning for years to come.