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Proposed General Shop Program for the Junior High School of Miami Oklahoma

Davis, William Alfred
The history and philosophy of industrial arts was discussed from the beginning to the present. The study consisted of listing the objectives, characteristics, and purposes of a general shop program in the junior high school. The various courses to be offered were decided after considering the needs of the connnunity and needs of the students. The scheduling of classes, listing of tools and materials, and planning the floor plan of the addition was also undertaken. The subjects that can be offered in the general shop program are widely varied; it covers all the industries. The purpose of industrial arts is to give the student experiences in all or as many industries as possible. The students will start the program while in the eighth grade. They will spend the first nine weeks in an industrial drawing class. It is in this class that they will receive the basis for all other general shop subjects. The remaining twenty seven weeks of the eighth grade will be spent in Woodworking. Here they will learn the use of tools that are basic in most of the other shop subjects. The students in the ninth grade will be allowed to take nine weeks of training in each-of the other four general shop subjects. These subjects are metalworking, electricity, leathercraft, and plastics.