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Measurement of nip induced tension and contact stresses

Kandadai, B. K.
Good, J. K.
Wound-on-Tension (WOT) is the tension in the outermost layer of a winding roll that is created due to the incoming web tension and the tension induced by the nip roller called Nip-Induced-Tension (NIT). Kandadai and Good [1] presented the analysis of the contact mechanics between the nip roller, incoming web layer and the winding roll and the development of wound-on-tension in a winding process using an explicit finite element formulation. This paper verifies the results presented in Kandadai and Good. Strain in the nip contact zone measured using contact strain gages compare well to the results from finite element analysis presented in Kandadai and Good. WOT measured using load cells compare well to the WOT values from the finite element analysis. Details including measurement devices, instrumentation and techniques are discussed herein.