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Physiological Measurements of Winter Wheat under Stress: I. Water Relations, Growth, Elemental Composition, and Yield of Wheat Grown with Fertilizer Placed in Strips or Broadcasted Ii. Water Relations of Wheat Grown in North-south Versus East-west Directions Iii. Water Relations of Wheat Cultivars Grown with Cadmium

Pearson, Calvin H.
The traditional organization of this thesis has been altered to assist the reader in understanding the material. The thesis contains three independent areaswhich have been prepared for publication. The results have been written to suit the format for publication. Information shown in this pattern will allow the reader to understand the material more easily than if the traditional form had been used. In each chapte:r, the information is given under the usual headings of a publication: abstract, introduction and literature review, materials and methods, and results and discussion. All the references are given collectively at the end of the thesis. A general summary of the results from the entire thesis is reported for all three studies. The three areas are: I -Water relations, growth, elemental compositions, and yield of wheat grown with fertilizer placed in strips or broadcasted. II - Water relations of wheat grown in north-south versus east-west direction. III - Water relations of wheat cultivar-s grown with cadmium.