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Unity alongside diversity: The qualitative assessment of the movement of movements' capacity to unite

Wood, John R.
Scope and Method of Study: The purpose of this study is to examine whether the "Movement of movements" has the capacity to unite into a larger movement for social change. The study utilized and examined fifty-five Internet surveys and follow-up telephone interviews with a semi-semi-structured format.
Findings and Conclusions: Five years after the "Battle of Seattle," multiple protests, conferences, listservs, and four World Social Forums, this movement is actually fragmented into many movements precariously finding themselves together against what many find is a "common enemy." However, there are indications that this Movement of movements might transform into a higher level of unity greater then what is currently experienced. This transformation needs a reconceptualization of empowerment. Therefore, I conceptualize the Relational empowerment Strategy to provide a blue print in order to facilitate social change.