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Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, Petrology, Diagenesis, and Hydrocarbon Maturation Related to the Red Fork -Sandstone in North-central Oklahoma

South, Mark Veeder
This study is concerned with the Early Pennsylvanian Morrow Formation on the Anadarko Basin Shelf in the Southwest Canton Field area, Northwestern Oklahoma. With respect to the Morrow Fonnation in the Canton study area, the primary objectives were to: (1) unravel the Early Pennsylvanian stratigraphy; (2) interpret the depositional environment; (3) characterize the petrology of the producing and nonproducing sand types; (4) define the diagenetic evolution of the reservoir sands; (5) evaluate the impact of diagenetic processes on the generation of secondary porosity, and (6) discuss the thermal history �of the Morrow Formation with respect to oil and gas maturation.