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Implementation of a Chemical Management Plan At GE Engine Services

Prindable, Kevin John
This thesis report was developed and implemented at GE Engine Services to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulators and ensure employee safety. Although GEES has an effective Environmental, Health, and Safety Program, improvements were needed to accurately track and adequately manage chemicals. Accurate chemical tracking was needed at GEES in order to meet annual chemical reporting requirements, thus ensuring regulatory compliance. Though managing chemical purchases, use, and disposal was critical to ensure compliance, the most critical issues are employee education, MSDS accuracy, and MSDS availability, all of which impact employee safety. The specific goals of the Chemical Management Plan are to ( 1 ) implement procedural changes on how GEES obtains and manages chemicals, (2) establish chemical management ownership and annual goals, (3) implement software programs to aid in chemical tracking, (4) create a system to manage inventory quantities, (5) establish contractor controls, and (6) culturally change the way GEES manages chemicals. It was necessary to illustrate to GEES Management that good chemical control equals good business. I would like to sincerely thank my graduate committee, Dr. Will Focht (chair and research advisor), Dr. James Lawler, and Dr. Wayne Turner. I must also thank, Steve Sawyer, GEES's EHS Manager, for his commitment to creating chemical management improvements.