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Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie: Beginning of the End

Burns, Dan Eric

The best film criticism heightens the viewer's pleasure by enriching his response to the film as a work of art. Thus, I am indebted to the pioneer critics Dennis DeNitto and William Herman, whose Film and the Critical ~(New York: Macmillan, 1975) provides a good model for archetypal analysis and which inspired the pattern used in the 11 explication11 section of this paper. I am also indebted to Northrop Frye, whose essay on 11 Archetypa1 Criticism: Theory of Myths 11 from Anatomy of Criticism introduced me to concepts that permeate the present work. I would like to thank Dennis Hopper, Stewart Stern, and Satya DelaManitou, whose gracious cooperation and assistance added a personal dimension to this study.