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CE18-Bullet: Candidate engine for a next generation supersonic transport

Behymer, Brady
Disque, Brendan
Foster, Garett
Green, Collin
Niles, Jacob
Stapp, Blake
Thiam, Mouhamed
Trenary, Schuyler
Valenzuela, Bret
Wilson, Jordan
This report details the cycle and component design of a gas turbine engine to be used on a 100 passenger supersonic transport. The engine, CE18-Bullet, is a mixed-flow, low-bypass ratio turbofan with a max diameter at the fan of 89 inches and a bypass ratio of 2.1. The fan pressure ratio is 2.5 and core of the engine has a 10-stage compressor, which achieves an overall pressure ratio of 42. The low pressure shaft powers the fan using 2 turbine stages while the high pressure shaft powers the compressor using 2 turbine stages. The advanced design of this engine demonstrates substantial improvements over a previously designed baseline engine in TSFC, thrust, weight, and flight envelope. The CE18-Bullet engine provides an 18.1% improvement of TSFC and a 34.2% improvement on thrust at the cruise condition.