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Mixture Design to Mitigate Bridge Deck Cracking

Rai, Bijaya Laxmi

The main concern of this study is to develop different mixture designs that help to mitigate bridge deck cracking. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) supported this research project. This study correlates shrinkage measurements with compressive strength, static and dynamic modulus, splitting tensile strength, and resistivity to develop mixture designs with low cracking. Permeability is also one of the factor behind durability and, so, resistivity is investigated in this study. This study does not consider any autogenous and chemical shrinkage because ODOT prefers water to cementitious material ratio (w/c) in the range of 0.42-0.45 at which these type of shrinkage is not significant. This study does not consider early age tension and compression creep because of budget restrictions. This study presents several repetition of mixtures and their repeated measurements and test results to investigate repeatability.Chapter two contains three different parts: 2.1 Background and Literature Review, 2.2 Methods, 2.3 Results and Discussion. Chapter three talks about Conclusion and Recommendations.