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Past Drive Subscribers� Atttitudes and Usage Behaviors in Regard to the Publication�s Digital Outlets

Drake, Meg Elizabeth
The purpose of this study was to better understand self-reported attitudes and usage behaviors of past DRIVE magazine subscribers in regard to the publication�s digital convergence, which occurred in early 2014. The population included former DRIVE subscribers (N = 5,717). From this a sample of 1,000 potential respondents was selected. Because DRIVE did not have emails archived for all subscribers, of the 1,000, 296 had correct emails the remaining 704 respondents were reduced to 693 after incorrect physical addresses were eliminated, thus bringing the total sample size to 933. A mixed-mode approach was used to contact respondents. Those with email addresses were contacted via email, and those with only physical addresses were contacted by postcard. The instrument was hosted online. One-hundred-fifty respondents completed the instrument in its entirety, making the response rate 17.2%. Quantitative data was collected from this descriptive study via an online instrument hosted through Qualtrics. The typical respondent is a 39-year-old male who earns $100,000 or more annually as an agricultural producer/farmer. The typical respondent has high-speed Internet access at home, owns a smartphone, and most often uses the Internet for email and social networking. Results indicate respondents have not remained active with DRIVE since it discontinued its printed publication and they prefer to receive the publication in print rather than online. The majority of respondents also indicated they do not access DRIVE�s digital platforms, which include its website, mobile application, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.