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Subject matter content of junior high school mathematics

Friesen, Milton B.
Scope of Study: The needs of the complex technological society in which we live has increased the need for more training in science and mathematics. Mathematics is needed not only by the scientist but also by the average citizen. Since all mathematics must rest on a strong foundation of previous work, this report is a study of the subject matter offered in grades seven, eight, and nine. Of special interest is the "double track" program as proposed by the Commission of Post-War Plans of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The proposal provides one track for training the scientist by the traditional courses and the other track for those students who will not need the specialized training but who will need a wide understanding of mathematics in its everyday applications if they are to be effective citizens. The materials used in this study are chiefly (1) courses of study from a number of states, (2) recent books and articles in periodicals written by authorities in the field, and (3) textbooks in current use.