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Determination of source of seeps at base of left abutment of Sanford Dam, Hutchinson County, Texas

Simpson, David Warren
The hydrogeology and water chemistry of the left abutment of Sanford Dam ("the Dam") in western Texas were evaluated in order to determine the source of certain seeps, which occur at the base of the abutment. The overall project was suggested by geologists with the Bureau of Reclamation ("USBR"), the federal agency which, along with the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority ("CRMWA"), oversees the operation of the Dam. In the instant study, existing data were analyzed for the limited purpose of formulating an opinion that will assist the USBR and CRMWA in evaluating and identifying the source of the subject seeps. No opinion is expressed as to the resulting stability of the Dam or the possible effects of any of the conclusions contained herein.