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Magnetic Particle Two Dimensional Position Control Using Magnetic Field

Li, Wenjie
The goal of this study is to control the position of a small permanent magnetic particle two dimensionally by means of manipulating external magnetic field strength in the vicinity of the particle. The magnetic field is generated by four elongated wound coils, and the currents of the coils are used as control inputs. The force imparted on the magnetic particle is directly related to the gradient of the field strength. The magnetic field strength and its gradient are computed numerically. A Simulink model is built for the simulation of the motion of the particle. A two control variable method is proposed and verified by the simulation. In this method two control variables are applied to the two pairs of the coils respectively, to vary the currents of the coils in each pair reciprocally. A PID feedback controller is used to generate the two controls. The simulation result shows that this control method can stabilize the particle at a desired point two dimensionally within a certain region of the configuration of the four elongated coils.