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Anti-globalization Network Protests Cancun's Wto Mettings

Miller, Andrew Charles

The purpose of this research study is to inform others about the protest organizations represented at the World Trade Organization's 5th Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico and the larger network they represent. After identifying three major organizations from the WTO meetings, a snowball sampling procedure was conducted identifying 249 organizations, by which a social network analysis was then performed. The status of the protests against globalization is best seen as a network and not through the lens of a movement. This research demonstrates how anti-globalization as a movement has matured and turned into an organized entity called a collaborative network. The network created is identified and the resulting list shows a truly international and cohesive breadth of organization behind the protests against globalization, identified as a neo-liberal and capitalist system. Pictures from the WTO 5th Ministerial protests are also supplied.