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History of the Italians in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Brown, Kenny Lee
This study is a general survey of the Italian immigrants of Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Factors responsible for their immigration, their lives as coal miners, and their cultural traits and institutions are given, and appropriate information is also provided to describe and contrast their lifestyles in Italy. The primary objective is to show that the process of assimilation was very strong and became virtually complete. The time period covered lies largely between 1872 and 1930, which roughly coincides with the coal mining era in Oklahoma; however, subsequent events and descriptions are given to illustrate better the process of assimilation. Pittsburg County was chosen because it had the largest Italian population and represented a cross section of the Italians who came to the state. The author hopes that this study will help to understand more fully the forces and people who shaped Oklahoma history, to provide background information on Italian immigration into Oklahoma, and to determine if Oklahoma was a true melting pot for the Italians.