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Take Home Labs and the Furuta Pendulum

Hendrix, Sean
Students garner a better understanding of concepts in control courses using hands-on labs; however, labs hosted at universities are often expensive and limited to specific times. Take Home Labs consist of a series of inexpensive labs, costing less than the price of a textbook, without the need for a teaching assistant (TA). Take Home Labs can be performed at home, and at a time convenient for students, eliminating the need for university laboratory space. The Take Home Labs website <http://thl.okstate.edu>, was created to host all of the information needed in completing experiments. This thesis first describes the website and main hardware and software common to the experiments currently on the website. Next, 5 experiments are described. The main experiment featured in this thesis is the Furuta Pendulum, also known as the Rotary Inverted Pendulum. Finally, the thesis is concluded with the results found and future work on the Take Home Labs.