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Discussion and solution of the trajectory curve of upward ejection seats ejected from high speed aircraft

Breisch, William B.
Scope of Study: A comparatively simple and economical solution of the trajectory curve of an upward ejection seat ejected from high speed aircraft is developed. A sample calculation is made to demonstrate the applicability and accuracy of the method.
Defining the forces which contribute to the motion of the seat during the trajectory was accomplished by the study of several Air Force and proprietary test reports. The forces are expressed and arranged in a manner in which they can be utilized in the proposed. solution of the trajectory. These forces are made compatible with the trajectory formulas through the medium of wind tunnel test results from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Findings and Conclusions: The step by step method of solution as presented, is quite flexible and is more accurate than other approximating methods. It is satisfactory for the upward seat ejection units and can be easily modified for downward ejection. It also shows promise of application to jettisonable capsules.