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Thermal Modeling of Laser Drilling and Cutting of Engineering Materials

Patil, Ravindra Hiraman
In this investigation, thermal aspects of laser drilling and cutting processes are modeled using the Jaeger's heat source method. The laser beam is considered as a circular moving plane disc heat source. Different laser beam distributions, such as normal, bimodal, and uniform can be used. Temperature rise at any time and at any location in the workpiece in drilling and cutting is determined using the laser beam parameters and the thermal properties of the workmaterials. The effect of latent heat of fusion and evaporation are considered. Effect of different laser beam parameters on the profile of laser drilled hole and cut materials are investigated. Mass and energy balance were done for the laser machining process. Using this method, the number of laser pulses required to drill a hole can be calculated. Laser cutting velocity can be optimized. HAZ calculations were performed.