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Hazardous chemical and waste analysis of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (meeting OSHA and EPA requirements)

Hansen-Garcia, Jacque
Federal and state law now requires employers to provide employees access to detailed information on any hazardous chemicals to which they may be exposed. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle uses hazardous chemicals in their photography, print setting, plate making and printing operations. The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has adopted the Hazard Communication Standard and Montana has passed the Employee & Community Hazardous Chemical Information Act, both of which govern the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace.
A hazardous chemical and waste analysis was performed on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle so that a set of compliance guidelines could be established. The following report establishes the guidelines which the Bozeman Daily Chronicle should follow in order to ensure that they are meeting federal and state requirements concerning hazardous chemical use and hazardous waste disposal.
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle was and is presently in compliance with federal and state law concerning waste disposal but various changes indicated in the guidelines, must be made in order for requirements to be met concerning the safe handling and use of hazardous chemicals. As of May 25, 1986 the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is responsible for complying with federal and state law concerning hazardous communications.