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Final report for secure camera capture system (April 2016)

Dekoning, Matthew W.
Coffield, Christian J.
Lea, Nathan H.
Seitz, Kevin T.
This report provides an overview of the Secure Camera Capture system produced by Team 6 in Spring 2016�s Senior Design 2 class. The project encompassed a three-part hardware and software system, used to capture, securely store, and retrieve photographs taken by an internet-equipped camera on a sixty-second timer. In the report, the project is outlined in both technical and nontechnical terms, the AES encryption method used, the Raspberry Pi microcontroller hardware, and the software used to tie them together. Specifications (both hardware and software) and how they were addressed are detailed, and a guide is provided to reconstruct the project using provided code. Finally, it provides the team�s perspective on the final product and possible improvements that could be made on the design.