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Effect of Genotype and Environment on Nutritional and Health Beneficial Compounds in Wheat Grain

Chen, Yongfen
The main objective of this study was to evaluate effect of genotype and environment on nutritional and health beneficial wheat grain components. Three wheat varieties, Jagger, Trego and Intrada were used in this research. The samples were collected from three locations, Alva, Balko and Goodwell, Oklahoma. In Goodwell, there were two different agronomic practices, dry-land and irrigated. Total policosanol and phytosterol contents and compositions in whole wheat grain samples were determined. Milling characteristics of the same samples were evaluated. Protein, ash, moisture, lipids and mineral contents of the samples were also analyzed.This study clearly indicates that genotype, environment and irrigation have significant effects on the health beneficial wheat grain components. Dry-land conditions favored higher protein and policosanol synthesis in wheat. A fundamental understanding of effect of genotype and environment on wheat grain chemical composition requires extensive research over several years. This study is the first step toward achieving this goal.