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RASC-AL final review

Chord, Carmon
Dominski, Daniel
Emerson, Timothy
Holland, Mykale
Jost, Brandon
Whitney, Brandon
Wilmoth, Jacob
As part of the quest for humankind to reach Mars, the problem of astronaut health on extended space voyages must be addressed. The team at Oklahoma State University aims to solve one major element of that challenge extended micro-gravity exposure. As outlined in RASC-AL Theme 2, there is a need to create artificial gravity in a reusable crewed deep space transport for the manned missions to Mars. The Oklahoma State University team (Team Daedalus) proposes to create the artificial gravity that will simulate that of Mars' gravity for the majority of the mission through the use of centripetal force. Team Daedalus' design will utilize a baseline habitat and a storage pod counterweight connected via a shaft that will rotate around a central hub attached to the propulsion system. This rotation will simulate the necessary gravity for astronaut health and comfort during the mission.