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Design of a Rocket Launched Sounding Uas

Fehrenbach, Shea Donald
Current diagnostic tools used to sample the thermodynamic structure of the AtmosphericBoundary Layer (ABL) include radiosondes, manned aircraft, radar, andtowers. One objective, for sampling the atmosphere, is to supplement the OklahomaMesonet with UASs outtted with meteorological sensors, which will be usedto predict thunderstorms, wind gusts, heat bursts, dryness, etc. The goal of thisproject is to provide meteorological and the atmospheric science community withan eective system to rapidly sample the ABL. Thunderchief is a two part systemthat incorporates rocket and glider components which launches a UAS to altitudeand proles the atmosphere on its descent. Deployment at higher altitudes allowsan atmospheric proler to collect a larger quasi-dimensional array of thermodynamicdata used for data assimilation weather prediction. The use of a rocket launch glidersonde was determined to be aective in situations of rapid weather formations andsystem deployment, but similar in usefulness for day-to-day meteorological operationsof atmospheric proling of the ABL.