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Troubleshooting blackbox SDN control software with minimal causal sequences

Scott, Colin
Wundsam, Andreas
Raghavan, Barath
Panda, Aurojit
Or, Andrew
Lai, Jefferson
Huang, Eugene
Liu, Zhi
El-Hassany, Ahmed
Whitlock, Sam
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Software bugs are inevitable in software-defined networking control software, and troubleshooting is a tedious, time-consuming task. In this paper we discuss how to improve control software troubleshooting by presenting a technique for automatically identifying a minimal sequence of inputs responsible for triggering a given bug, without making assumptions about the language or instrumentation of the software under test. We apply our technique to five open source SDN control platforms — Floodlight, NOX, POX, Pyretic, ONOS — and illustrate how the minimal causal sequences our system found aided the troubleshooting process.