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Student attitudes toward the Allied Arts Program at Oklahoma State University

Wolfe, Daniel Lewis
Scope and Method of Study: This marketing research study encompassed the random selection and testing of 214 college students in an effort to determine their attitudes toward the Allied Arts Program at Oklahoma State University. The data collection instrument utilized was a three-part, mailed questionnaire designed by the researcher in such a manner as to be measurable, relative to results, by the Semantic Differential and Rank Order techniques. The data collected and tabled is analyzed and discussed.
Findings and Conclusions: The data collected indicated that the majority of the students are not satisfied with the present Allied Arts Program and desire a change which will allow for more entertainment which reflects "Today's Sounds" and for more "Big Name" entertainment.
The accumulated data further pointed out the need for a change in the night of the week performances are held. Students prefer them to be held on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights. Performances should be advertised two weeks in advance and tickets should be offered ten days in advance. Allied Arts should consider selling tickets in the various dormitories as well as in the Student Union. The performances should be promoted on the local radio stations (KOSU, KVRO, and KSPI) as well as WKY and KOMA stations in Oklahoma City. Also the performances should be promoted in the Daily O'Collegian and Stillwater Newspress newspapers. The Program should include five "Big Name" performances a year.
The preferences and attitudes determined in this study indicate the need for the Allied Arts Program to be revised. Otherwise the students will continue to avoid the Program.