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How to successfully sell plant-based proteins in a carnivore state

Besch, Erica
Selling plant-based proteins in a state that is heavily based on agriculture and populated with a majority of carnivores remains challenging. The answer on how to do it the right way is unknown. There are some businesses that sell plant-based protein quite successfully; however, there is no guide on what makes them successful. The objective of this study is to explore and learn from a successful business that is selling plant-based products. The data was collected through a qualitative approach, using observation and in-depth interview with business owners, to evaluate success factors for this specific business. The results revealed a variety of themes that caused the business in the study to become successful including customer needs and interactions, product experimentation, the target market and partnerships, and continuous goal setting. Strategic marketing and brand partnerships companied by homemade plant-based products, are the main focus of the business owners. If other businesses can replicate the marketing methods and gain leverage on social media platforms and create a unique product, selling plant-based proteins in a carnivore state could become less of a challenge and could change the way that carnivores in this area view plant-based proteins.