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Destruction of Ethylene in a Liquid Electrode Plasma Reactor

Graham, Thomas Keith
The purpose behind this thesis was to explore the use of plasma technology in the food storage industry and to contribute to the pool of plasma knowledge at Oklahoma State University. The project was a joint venture between the School ofBiosystems and Agricultural Engineering and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The report is organized into several sections. The first section, the introduction, defines the problem of ethylene production in produce facilities. This section also gives a background for current ethylene control practices, plasma technology, and objectives of the research. The subsequent sections detail the experimental process followed to meet research objectives including materials, methods, results/discussion, and conclusions/recommendations. The materials section outlines various apparatus used during the research. Each experiment is detailed and defined to allow future researchers to repeat the experimental setups. The methods section deals with lists ofthe exact experimental procedures and should give exact details for repetition of entire experiments. Finally, the results/discussion and conclusions/recommendations sections are intended to present research findings and assess its successes, failures, short-comings, and needs for improvements. In summary, the entire document is intended as a complete base study for future researchers to use and expand upon.