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Psychological Warfare, Propaganda and Censorship Elements of Welt im Film, British and American Newsreel Series for Postwar German Audiences

Bereman, Ernest L.
I became interested in Well 1m Film during my introductory courses in Mass Communications at Oklahoma State University in the Fall of 1998, during which time I was exposed to the various methods of research and to the various mass communications theories. I had originally planned to conduct research into newsreels in general, and specifically, into those newsreels of the Korean War era, 1950-52, those that I vaguely remember as a child. I changed my approach, however, after I found references to Welt im Film in various publications, and I became intrigued with the concept of the conqueror attempting to reeducate the conquered, and my research into the series took off from there. The first material I came across on Welt im Film was written by such people as Roger Smither and Wolfgang Klaue. Smither is the "Keeper of the Film" at the Imperial War Museum in London, and has been involved in film research for many years. His material prompted me to delve further into Well im Film, and that prompting took me to College Park, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., to the National Archives Building there I was able to locate many documents related to the series and correspondence between Allied film officials at the National Archives, and those documents and correspondence are the basis of my thesis.