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Effect of Management Commitment to Service Quality on Employees' Job Satisfaction and Prosocial Service Behaviors

Tavitiyaman, Pimtong
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of management commitment to service quality on employees' job satisfaction and prosocial service behaviors. The participants of this study were frontline hotel employees and managers who worked at the front office section of selected hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. The questionnaires were distributed to these participants. The descriptive statistics provide the respondents demographic profiles of frontline hotel employees and managers. The correlation results described the high correlation among seven variables. The factor analysis presented the factor loading and the reliability in each variable in which suit for examining the model. The study found the significantly positive relationships among reward, empowerment, and training toward employees' job satisfaction. In turn, there was no significantly positive relationship between organizational support and employees' job satisfaction. Moreover, employees' job satisfaction had the positive relationships with prosocial service behaviors: extra-role customer service behaviors and cooperation.