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Variables of blogging: How to get more views on your blog

Gregory, Alyssa
With the blogosphere becoming crowded with hundreds of thousands of blogs, this research looks at different variables that a writer could add to their blog to help it stand out and gain a larger readership and more followers. To research this, a blog was created to test five different variables thought to be able to increase the popularity of a blog. The variables tested were: having photos versus not having photos, using links, shorter stories versus longer stories, bulleted and numbered posts versus long paragraph style stories, and posting the story to a social media site versus not posting it. Experiments testing these variables were analyzed with A/B Testing and data was kept track of using Google Analytics. The experiments concluded that shorter, bulleted blogs that have useful links and plenty of good pictures that are posted to social media sites helps to increase the readership of a blog. This research showed different possibilities that a writer could add to their blog to increase their traffic.