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Evaluation of the Oklahoma Beef Cooking School for Youth (OBCSY)

Kong, Swee Hwa
To determine the effectiveness of the project in meeting the goals of helping children to increase their understanding of how beef can fit into a healthful diet, how to purchase beef, nutritious methods of preparing beef and how to reduce their risk of foodborne illness. Data were collected through a self check evaluation tool. Participants: Oklahoma children in grades 3-12. Analysis: Data were analyzed using the SAS for windows, frequency and Chi Square procedures. Results: Significant differences were found between Q5: serving size of beef to be consume from now on (P=0.003) and Q6: considering price when buying beef for family (P=0.0224) by gender. More girls than boy would consume a three ounces beef serving and consider price per serving when buying beef for family. Significant differences were also found between Q1: Do you plan to eat beef (P=0.0086) and Q3: will you use a thermometer to determine doneness of beef (P=0.0435) by grade. Grade four children will eat beef more often and are more likely to use a thermometer to determine doneness of beef than Children in fifth or sixth grade.