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Effect of Phytogenic Extracts and Organic Acids on Growth Performance of Nursery and Finishing Pigs

Cooper, Carson Victoria
Five studies were conducted to observe the effects of phytogenic extracts and organic acids on nursery, growing, and finishing pig growth performance. Two studies were performed to test the effect of Yucca extract on nursery pig growth performance when fed diets with elevated levels of soybean meal. Micro-Aid, a product made from yucca extract, was observed to improve pig ADG and G:F during the first 14-21 days of the nursery phase. There was a tendency for pigs fed Micro-Aid to have increased d 14 or 21 BW. Pigs that were fed elevated levels of soybean meal experienced a decrease in growth performance, as well as final BW. Additionally, another two nursery studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of Outpace, a phytogenic and organic acid blend, on nursery pig growth performance when antibiotics were not added to the diet. There were no effects observed on pig performance with the exception of G:F from d 0-42. From d 0-42, pigs fed the diet with the addition of Outpace had improved G:F compared to pigs fed a control diet. Lastly, a study to test the effects of Outpace on growth performance during the late nursery and early finishing phases was conducted. The effects of Ambitine, a blend of functional extracts and acidifiers, on finishing pig growth performance and carcass characteristics when fed a diet void of ractopamine HCl were also investigated during this study. When fed at this stage of production, Outpace did not have any effect on growth performance. However, the addition of Ambitine to a finishing diet resulted in pigs achieving higher G:F, as well as a tendency to have increased ADG. Pigs fed Ambitine also had a tendency to have more back fat than pigs fed a control diet. There was a decrease in kcals required/ kg of gain when Ambitine was added to the diet. Therefore, it was observed that soybean meal has a negative effect on the growth performance of nursery pigs. Additionally, phytogenic extracts and organic acids have the ability to improve ADG and feed efficiency during the nursery and late finishing stages of pig production.