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Cowboy Journal, volume 21 number 1

Mayberry, Jackson
During the fall 2018 semester, I served as a co-editor for Cowboy Journal, a magazine published as part of the capstone course for agricultural communications students.
Co-editor was a selected position for which I interviewed and was chosen. The position requires work above and beyond that which the course requires normally. I will be working with two other co-editors and the managing editor, Shelly Sitton.
This position involved working with students in the class to bring all the pieces of the magazine together and present an end product, which showcased CASNR, and its people and projects well.
I met at least weekly and many times more frequently with my co-editors and managing editor outside of class to give updates and define what needed to happen next.
In addition to being a co-editor, I was the liaison, writer and designer of the CASNR Alumni News pages. Working with Dr. Sitton and Melissa Mourer, I produced the stories, photos and layout for these pages.
The results of my honors thesis are a finished Cowboy Journal publication that contains the CASNR Alumni News pages.