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Women's health care service: A market need analysis

Ramesh, T. V.
Scope and Method of Study: The purpose of this report was to examine if women can be identified as a attractive market segment for the health care industry. Specifically this report examined if there is a need for a women's health care center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A questionnaire was sent out to a random sample of residents in Tulsa and also to a focused group of business women. The Statistical Analysis System software package was used to statistically analyze the data.
Findings and Conclusions: Women in Tulsa perceive a need for a health care center. Some of the services they requested were: nutrition and diet information, breast screening, health screening facility, physician referrals, osteoporosis, and educational programs/workshops. Health care topics of interest to many women were: stress management, fitness and keeping trim, women and cancer, nutrition and diet, osteoporosis, and weight control. The best time for scheduling programs on weekdays are evenings (5pm-8pm) and nights (8pm-l0pm). During weekends programs could be scheduled in the mornings (8am-12pm). Direct mail/ newsletters, educational seminars/lectures were identified as good channels of providing information to women. Business women were identified as an attractive target among the female population in Tulsa. The report also provided feedback on the strength and weaknesses of the hospitals in Tulsa.