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Methodology to develop the criteria and criteria weightings for assessing subunit effectiveness in organizations - A reapplication

Vianna, Antonio B.
Scope and Method of Study: A conclusion that can be derived from the empirical literature on organizational effectiveness is that the identification and selection of effectiveness criteria as well as effectiveness criteria weightings are necessary to assess organizational effectiveness. Even though this is a recognized fact on this topic of study there have been few attempts to develop a systematic solution for this problem.
This report attempts to test a methodology developed by Hitt and Middlemist (1979) to identify and to isolate effectiveness criteria and effectiveness criteria weightings of subunits within organizations. This solution emphasizes the importance of the identification of operational objectives and effectiveness criteria as determined by managers. Once the effectiveness criteria and operational objectives are identified, Hitt and Middlemist (1979) suggest the application of a policy capturing technique to identify and to provide a quantitative description (weightings) of the actual judgment policies of managers.
Findings and Conclusions: This study supports Hitt and Middlemist (1979) findings that the application of this methodology allows for comparative studies of subunits within the organization with different sets of relevant effectiveness criteria and operational objectives.