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Role of Alginate Lyase in the Virulence of Pseudomonas Syringae Pv Tomato Dc3000

Hernandez-Gordillo, Victor
This is one of the first studies to critically assess the role of an algL non-polar mutation in planta and the first alginate biosynthetic gene mutated in Pst DC3000. In collard plants the bacterial population was lower compared to the wild-type strain Pst DC3000. Suggesting that CA1046 is not able to survive and multiple in collard leaves. In contrast, in tomato leaves, CA1046 cause similar symptoms as the wild-type. In summary, the results obtained with mutant CA1046 in this study clearly demonstrate that the mutation in the algL gene has a profound effect in virulence on collard leaves but not in tomato leaves. Moreover, the algL mutation in CA1046 did not prevent alginate production in vitro, suggesting that algL is not required for alginate biosynthesis in Pst DC3000.