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Ukraine: An economic evolution since independence

Elliott, Taylor
The purpose of this research paper was to use qualified economists analysis of Ukrainian economics since becoming independent from the USSR in 1991. Then the research was consolidated for an overall analysis of how the economy changed under a new type of government. The paper discusses what was found to be the most important aspects/events of the Ukrainian economic history post independence and how these different aspects/events have shaped the economy as a whole on a both domestic and international level. It was found that Ukraine is continuing to struggle to find its niche in the world economy as it transitions to a fully-functioning, and self-sustaining economy. These struggles are prevalent in the industry and energy sectors. Recent conflicts with Russia have also hindered in the growth of the Ukrainian economy. Overall, if Ukraine continues to work on focusing on high-growth industries while also choosing leaders who will benefit the country with new policies put forth, the Ukrainians will most likely be able to build a strong economic infrastructure.