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State-of-the-art relational therapies: Use of enactments in couple’s therapy

Conn, Raylee E.
This paper explores the efficacy and adaptability of enactments as a best practice in marriage and family therapy, with a primary focus on their application within couples therapy. Enactments are a therapeutic tool that facilitates healthy and productive interactions between partners, allowing them to practice real-life conversations while receiving real-time feedback and coaching from the therapist. Enactments have emerged as a promising technique that reduces struggle and promotes positive therapeutic outcomes within couples therapy settings. The paper reviews empirical scholarship and theoretical frameworks, highlighting the essential role of enactments in facilitating successful interventions and fostering secure attachment in relationships. While the research supports enactments as a common practice in relational therapies, there is a need for comprehensive education and training for therapists to fully harness the potential benefits of this therapeutic approach. Further research and integration of enactments as a best practice in marriage and family therapy could have significant implications for improving therapeutic outcomes and promoting healthier dyadic relationships.