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Modified Mclaren-marsaglia Pseudo-random Number Generator and Stochastic Key Agreement

Churchill, Richard Lloyd
A discussion of problems in cryptographic applications, with a brief survey of pseudo-random number generators (PRNG) used as synchronous stream ciphers, leads to a discussion of the McClaren-Marsaglia shuffling PRNG, and some means of altering its structure to both provide a more secure PRNG and to provide effective means by which to inject aperiodicity into a modified form of McClaren-Marsaglia. A discussion of two closely related protocols using this modified form of McClaren-Marsaglia as means by which correspondents may agree upon a set of random bits in a manner suitable for use in cryptographic applications is then presented, with implementation in the C programming language of the second protocol. Analysis of the protocols concludes that a reasonable expectation of confidentiality and cryptographic strength in the agreed bit-sequence is obtained.