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Extending job crafting in sales: A journey of change to positive performance

Wicklman, Gregory A.
Salespeople frequently prioritize their own self-interest and those of the customer above the organization. Thus, a large majority of salespeople actively change their job or job craft. Job crafting involves the act of modifying or changing cognitive, task or relational boundaries of their job. However, can those changes, which are mainly blind to management, lead to positive outcomes? Much of the literature views job crafting as a singular event or moment in time established without consideration. This dissertation suggests extending job crafting as a journey through which employees engage in learning behaviors then implement job changes in a deliberate manner. Also examined is the relationship between job crafting and positive outcomes moderated at inception and outcome by transformational leadership. Transformational leadership involves inspiring and motivating employees to perform above their own expectations. This study’s findings indicate that job crafting is positively influenced by learning behaviors and does positively affect individual performance. Additionally, the research suggests that controls have a positive effect on learning behaviors, are positively moderated by transformational leadership, and are positioned as antecedents to those behaviors and subsequently job crafting.